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Scoreboard +++

1.99 usd

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional scoreboard!Impress your friends!This is the perfect tool to keep track of the score of your games.Want Scoreboard +++ for free? Visit us at
This score board is designed to guest many sports, many languages and many many features.
+ Actual available sports: - Basketball - Futsal - Handball - Ping Pong - Tennis - Volley - Water Polo
+ Actual available languages: - Catalan - Chinese - Czech (thanks to Michal) - Dutch - English - French - German (thanks to Frank) - Hungarian (thanks to Bela) - Italian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Spanish (thanks to Carlos)
+ Actual features: - Auto and manual buzzer or whistle - "Who's serving" led - Maximum chrono precision in last 60 seconds - Ready for Phone and Tablet - Movable on SD card - Sharing the score with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, SMS..... (about Facebook sharing, for a better experience, we suggest you to use FriendStream or FriendCaster for Facebook) - Editing of the name of the teams - Undo of last 20 changes - Sound for the end of the game - Memorization of information when exit the app - No dimming screen during the game - Italian design - Ready from 1.6 Android version to the newest
Coming soon: - More sports (baseball, hockey, rugby....)- More languages (Russian, Japanese....). - More features (touch vibration, 24 seconds for Baskeball...)
Do not hesitate to suggest us other sports, games, languages or features on
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